Windows 10 feature a real Linux kernel in it as part of Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)

Yes, this is a Conform New we are getting Now that the Windows 10 WSL soon make use of Original Linux Kernel. This will be the First Time that Linux is Getting this much in Windows.

What happen At Today’s Microsoft’s Build developer conference?

This Conference is Happen today on 7 May 2019 where Redmond company make a surprising announcement That they are adding Some Features of Linux Kernel to Windows and all these happen Using Linux Original Kernel Itself.

See New Terminal Look:

Newly design Terminal Allow to Use all App at One Place PowerShell, Cmd, and the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)

When will Windows get this Linux Kernel?

Updates say that with New Update all this change is going to take place and So you will soon see the Kernel.

This will soon Make Windows An Open Source and then Anyone can Get and develop their System. Contribute to WLS Get easier and changing as you want become possible

What May Need to Do to Get this Done?

This may be like a Vice Versa Of WINE, it just like Iframing, Emulating Work need to Done as Lot of Backgrounds is done already in form of Wine, they may already need to make Every work together by making everything compatible to work as a One System

But first the Good Stable Linux Kernel need to build as the Current version is not stable and to maintain the freshness and Newness of Linux this is Essential. As the Current Kernel Work on Version 4.19 no Long term Stable.

Free Linux Course:-

What will Going to happen Soon?

Windows is changing it Perceptive it has toward Windows, in past Years this change is happening in faster and faster Way And this is a piece of Happy news for Linux Developer.

Linux Bash shell to Windows

Native OpenSSH in Windows 10


SUSE Linux


All this to the to Windows Store

May Solve WebDAV Folder Mounting Problem and Let you do it in Root

And At last and the Best Whole Linux Kernel to the Windows.

Google And Apple Done this thing Before

Windows Slowly Slowly Moving toward the More and More Linux Based System than before. This is the New Evolving Strategy of the Company to Grow Bigger in the Market and Making the Windows More stable an efficient.

What For Hacker?

This is the Best news for Hacker as this makes their task easier they Only have to focus on One Kernel and that it the World is I their feet then, Hacker can become More and More Productive or We say Disrtuctive then before.

Bad New?

This is also a Bad News For Lot of us for a Linux User as this happens There will Malware and Virus for Linux and this may Cost us a Real Linux user, As hacker now Focus on Linux. Virus increase

We will need an Antivirus for Linux


There are Some Good New for EveryBody and at the Same Moment Bad News for EveryBody.

Good News

  1. For Hacker, they need to Work learn one kernel
  2. Developer need to Understand learn 1 Kernel
  3. A lot of tasks is easy for common windows user
  4. and same for Linux User
  5. Open Source SO gives Freedom to work change and develop to everybody.

Bad News:

  1. Hacker can Hack easily to Linux also
  2. Common Man need Antivirus to Linux Also
  3. Linux Kernel is not of any use for Many Common Windows User.

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