Facebook Aia File Put your Ads and Earn Money

Free AIA File of Facebook || Get Facebook AIA file

Here is the Free Aia file of Facebook App you can Run it On Thunkable, Appy Builder and Kodular and make Money from it. Just Open the Aia File in the Low Code Platform like in Kodular and Just Change the Ad-mob.


You can Download it and Run it will Load the Facebook and the Ads from Ads Mob is also Load on the APP.

This is very Easy to use and Very Effective to Earning Money from Ads Mob as All or your Friends Using Facebook App right Just Send them this Or install on their Mobiles and then Just Wait for Few days You can Earn Enough money in One Month, Withdraw it.

And because it is a Facebook app the CPC the Money You Get from Per Click is Also High

How to Open this File in Thunkable Or Kodular?

To Open the File to Paste your AdMob id, Login in any one of the Above Platform and then Simple click on Upload the Aia File and then Upload it from your Computer and Now You are Ready to All the things Describe below.

What Do You need to Do?

After Opening this AIA file in the Low Code Platform, You See a UI of the App don’t do anything to this.

At the Bottom of the UI, you Can see the Non Visible Component here Click on the Banner Ads Icon and The Side Screen Changes here Simply Paste The Ad Mob Id and

How Export?

After Pasting the Code, You have to Exoer the Code, this Conver the AIA file to the Apk File.

To do this Simply See the Upper Coner of the Thinkable windows

There is an Export Option, This Asked You for the Export to the Computer or Want a QR Code Click on whatever You Want and the File Start Downloading in your PC.

This is Just indexing the File Like Google and Other Search Engine for More Visit Dmca Policy Page.

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