Technical Analysis from Zero to Hero Using Secret Formulas 100% Free Udemy Course

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Chandramouli Jayendran
Stock trader and Engineer. Engineer Can Do anything Right Without becoming a Good Engineer. We, Engineer, have the Technical ability to learn new Things right? He can be an analyst. The Author or Tutor here is Also an Engineer So no One Can Explain better and Learn Better than he can. To All, though he doesn’t have the Background to Trading he can Explain well. And this is the Skill needed to Teach Other.


No Prior Knowledge required.

Basic Computer Handling.

Money Control App, Yahoo Finance

Interest to Earn Money, Invest Money.

What You learn After this Course

Intraday Trading

Strategies Involve in Intraday

What’s Inside this Course?

Great Introduction

Intraday in Detail

Trading in Stock mainly Intraday

Intraday Strategy

Swing Trading Tips

Trading Pattern

Why You should take this Course?

If you want to be a Technical Analysis or if you want to make money in the Stock Market and Start Generating a Passive Income from Doing Less Work in Stock. Technical Analysis from Zero to Hero is the like name Suggest a Course that teaches you all from beginning to Master level about the Stock, Intraday Trading it Worth Enrolling this Course and That to 100% Free and At the Best Online Educational Platform available Udemy.

So take this Course and be a Technical Analyst

This Course is For:

This Course is for anyone who wants to Earn Money. Learn Intraday Trading Learn Strategy needs to pick a Stock.

So this Course is For Everyone Who wants to financially free, who wants to start generating Passive Incomes.

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