Countries Where Sun Never Sets

There are few Countries in the World where the Sun Never Sets. Sun Rise once and Remain Rise for Days and Somewhere for Months. This happens due to the Geographical Location of the Countries. Here is the Places where Sun does not Sets.

Norway:- Local Citizens and Everyone call Norway a mid-night country. A Land of Midnight Sun. It comes under the Arctic circle. And because it is on High Altitude. In this country between May and July, the sun keeps shining for approximately 76 days.

Sweden:- in this country Sun does not Set for 100 days, from May to August, here, the Sun never set for around 73 Days. There is Morning for 73 days in Sweden. You can Enjoy the 73 Days without night or Moon.

(Old Town) Gamla Stan, Sweden

Alaska:-Alaska’s is also one of the few Country where Sun does not Set. Here the sun does not Set between May and July. Whole Summer here is a day you can Enjoy your Summer vacation here, without sleeping.

Tundra Relgion, Alaska

Finland:- Beautiful lakes double the beauty of Finland; In the summer days, the Sun continues to shine for days, there is a great option for the tourists. Like Suomenlinna Fortress, Kauppatori (Market Square) and Esplanadi, Rovaniemi and the Arctic, Helsinki Churches. This Church is very Famous in Finland.

Helsinki, Finland

Canada:- The Country which is the Home of many Punjabis and Indians. Here Punjabi is one of the National Language. In this country, there is a long shadow of the ice empire, but in the Northern Part, the Sun does not set for almost 50 days. So this is also a Great Place for many India Punjabis to Go for Vacation here. To their Relatives HOme for some days and enjoy the Sun 24 hour a Day.

City Morning, Canada

Iceland:- This is the second largest island in Europe, the tourist can enjoy sunlight here at night, As the sun does not set here from May 10 until July. This Waterfall is 60 m and origin from the glacier. There are various tourim places in Iceland.

 Seljalandsfoss Waterfall, Iceland

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